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 "Get It Together!   An Event Manager's Workshop"  

(continuing education)

Plan the next Meetup!  Plan the next Corporate Gala!  Plan the Hot Social Event that

everyone will rave about!

Are you creative?   Are you organized?   Showcase your skills! ... Interested in planning and managing social events, networking events, meetups or pop-ups? or manage the Corporate Gala? Charity Event? Fundraising Event?   Be the go-to person for exciting, memorable social events. Be the right candidate boosting your career organizing and managing events. The more you know, the better you will be. Our 1.5 hour virtual session will provide the basics, tips and strategies, and identify tools needed to help you succeed. Led by a Senior Event Manager, we use our presentation to help get you going, or improve, or stay ahead of the competition! Looking for a job in this field? Looking to have your own Event Management business? Whether your interest is full-time or part-time managing events, this is a must stop on your "journey to be your better self."

Pause your Netflix and join our workshop--invest in yourself! 

Register for this Workshop on for specific dates and times.

Workshop fee:  contact us for pricing


Petals & Sip Events   (a unique  Corporate Team Building & Social event)

Flowers Beautify!  Flowers Add Wonderful Scents!   Flowers reflect Seasons and Reasons to celebrate!  Everyone Loves Flowers!  This event will support your love of nature, while recognizing your Team.  Be a florist for the day, while enjoying the fellowship of co-workers, friends and family!!


The Aztec Group provides all of the fresh cut flowers and materials so you can enjoy your friends and family while creating beautiful individual flower arrangements.  This event includes wine and/or Sangria to set the mood for the festivities.  Our theme is "Live and Learn" as we share tips and techniques to make this event a success for you and your guests.


Perfect for Corporate Team Building events, Health & Wellness Events, family gatherings, bridal showers, fundraisers, and church group celebrations. Contact for more information on how you can host or attend an event and/or how you can become a Sales Ambassador to earn extra income.  Contact us at